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Bouwer Broers

The fishing department provides for the species angler, black bass, carp, trout and sea angler. Great variety of reels, fishing rods, lures and lines are available. For the carp angler there is a great variety to choose from, for that exciting fishing trip that every angler can only dream of - different dips, specialty feed, doughs and " floaties”. Now where would the angler keep all this equipment? We sell fishing boxes or large fishing boxes on stands. To make it more convenient we even have fishing rod stands available. Do yourself a favour and visit our fishing paradise and enjoy everything that is offered.

Every hunter dreams of that perfect hunt where the atmosphere of the beautiful forest, the silence of the field and the excitement of the first shot that is fired. Our Firearms Department is specially equipped to help them accomplish the following : good range rifles, hunting ammunition, gun telescopes, gun bags and belts are available to meet every need. We have well trained staff with many years of experience in the arms industry that are eager to give advice and make recommendations. Rare hunting ammunition that is not easily available as well as a wide range of handgun ammunition is also available. We also help with the mounting and bore sighting of rifle telescopes.

Bouwer Broers Shop

Bouwer Broers started many years ago as a modest bicycle shop, with the years a whole new business originated with different specialized departments. Our bicycle department is well equipped with a wide variety of bicycles, bicycle parts and other equipment. The workshop is well equipped and we are known for our special service packages on our bicycles. Our Staff regularly attend workshops so that they are up to date with the newest technology with regards to products. Since it is so popular these days to take bikes with on holiday we also have good quality bike racks that can be mounted on a motor vehicle. From time to time our Staff participate in cycling races so that we can keep pace with what is needed in such a challenge.

Bouwer Broers is very fortunate to have a large amount of floor space which is used for the Camping Department. All available tents, chairs, camp mattresses, sinks, tables and other small equipment are properly displayed so that each buyer can see and experience exactly what the quality is. Only good quality tents and gazebos are sold and there is a choice of canvas material or polyester material with good quality ground sheets.

Gas equipment such as gas bottles, cooking plates, 2 plate gas stoves and so on are also available. Gas refills are also conducted on the premises.

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